Your Excellency,

We  would like to invite you, in our  following presentation which includes our mission to lead and to introduce you, in the sphere of our  services . Our services can deal with all matters relating with immigration and employment law. Furthermore, we provide services to citizens of non-EU countries who wish  to visit or to employ and to stay in Cyprus.

We  invite you to contact us, after you have read our presentation, if you would like to cooperate with us.

.Our Philosophy

The opening of the national market and the road now marked towards an integration of European legal systems, requires legal firms to initiate transactional collaborations, to better support the needs of European  customers and at the same time allow foreigners wishing to visit in order to stay or  invest or employ  in Cyprus to obtain  legal advice to their needs.

The direct collaboration between professionals of different nationalities and experiences, allows to better meet the needs of foreign customers; the direct management of the task by the chosen professional consolidates the trust and personal relationship between lawyer and client.


Rising society needs, requires discipline to insure stability among people and set kind of balance between their opposing interests. Discipline establishes general rules and regulations obeyed by individuals, which yields to systemized civilization where justice is prevailed, replacing chaos and the law of ‘the fittest survives”. Law principally aims to organize the community and to harmonize between persons’ welfare as well as the public benefit of the community. Also it preserves their freedom.

The law Firm  of George C.  Stylianou, offers legal services, advises and targets the best results in this field. For this, our office comprises elite of well-qualified and capable lawyers and legal advisers who are able to handle distinctively and perfectly with local and international laws. Hereinafter, we introduce a brief of us and the unique role we play in the legal field.

Why Cyprus


Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, located at the crossroads of three continents, Europe, Africa and Asia. The island, through its rich and diverse history, going back more than 10,000 years, has developed from a Stone Age settlement to a modern and thriving European Union member state, with a host of opportunities and prospects for economic growth and prosperity.
This small but dynamic country has long established a strong reputation as a center of excellence for international business activities, retaining unique clusters of expertise and service capability to support key growth sectors of the economy.
Capitalizing on its competitive advantages, driving and enhancing both traditional and new economic sectors and continuously improving and enhancing its business environment, Cyprus has developed into a destination of choice for doing business.
With its ideal geographical position at the crossroads of three continents – Europe, Africa and Asia, Cyprus plays a key stabilizing role in the region of the Eastern Mediterranean.
The island is an ideal investment gateway to the European Union, as well as a portal for investment outside the EU, particularly into the Middle East, India and China.

Why visit and live in Cyprus

Cyprus’ strategic location, natural beauty and wealth of resources have rendered the island a jewel for its various conquerors and peoples that resided the Eastern Mediterranean throughout the ages. Cyprus has developed a unique culture, harmoniously blending influences from different civilizations whilst maintaining its Greek character. The rich historical and cultural landscape is reflected in the hundreds of archaeological sites and monuments located throughout the island, representing the various historical periods in the island’s evolution.

This beautiful island offers visitors a wonderful living experience that combines a comfortable and stress-free way of life in a safe environment with a modern and sophisticated character, ideal for people who seek the perfect balance between work and pleasure.

Natural beauty and climate

Cyprus has a pleasant Mediterranean climate with year-round sunshine. Stunning coastlines, golden sandy beaches and clear blue waters, coexist in harmony with glorious mountains of wild natural beauty and peaceful, picturesque villages. Cyprus’ famous beaches have been awarded with 57 Blue Flags in 2015, ranking the island first in the EU for the tenth consecutive year, including three records:

  • most Blue Flags per capital in the world
  • most dense concentration of Blue Flag Beaches
  • most Blue Flag beaches per coastline

Culture and gastronomy

Cypriots are known worldwide for their genuine and sincere hospitality and friendliness, but also for the famous Cypriot cuisine, based on the healthy Mediterranean diet. Recipes dating back hundreds of years offer delicious gastronomical experiences, particularly the “Cyprus Meze” which consists of a large number of different cold and hot “hors d’oeuvres” such as assorted dips, salads, meats, vegetables, as well as various fresh fish delicacies.

With a buzzing cosmopolitan environment, arts and culture are flourishing with local and international festivals, exhibitions, concerts and museum nights taking place in both modern and ancient venues.

Cyprus’ pleasant weather throughout the year, allows sports enthusiasts to ski in February and March, swim and kite surf from April until December, cycle and play tennis and golf all year. A vibrant nightlife, with plenty of restaurants, bars and clubs, theatres and concerts caters to all tastes and lifestyles.

Quality of life

High quality of life is without a doubt one of Cyprus’ most attractive attributes. Indicatively, the island was ranked as the 5th best relocation destination worldwide by the 2013 Knight Frank Global Lifestyle Review, while Limassol, the second biggest city in Cyprus has been ranked 4th best retirement destination globally by the 2016 Knight Frank Global Lifestyle Review.


Besides its natural beauty, Cyprus offers a highly valued safe environment, with low stress levels and crime rates, ideal for a peaceful family life. Acknowledging the island’s safety and security standards, ValuePenguin has ranked Cyprus 5th worldwide and 1st among smaller Countries in its Safest Countries in the World study for 2015.


People choosing to make Cyprus their home do not have to worry about language and education. English is widely spoken on the island, while most people are bilingual. The country offers excellent multilingual educational institutions, where courses are taught in English, French, German, Russian, Italian, Armenian and other languages.


The island benefits from a advanced and modern infrastructure, that makes day-to-day life easy, cost-effective and efficient. Commutes are minimal in Cyprus. One can drive from the capital, Nicosia, to the beach in Larnaca, in about 30 minutes and to the Troodos mountains in just over an hour.

Top Reasons to Invest in Cyprus

Cyprus is a modern, cosmopolitan, transparent business centre offering opportunities for investment across a wide range of sectors.

In Cyprus, laws and regulations, systems and infrastructures, are all continuously enhanced to ensure we remain one step ahead. Cyprus is committed to offering a high-quality service in a duly regulated environment in order to ensure the best possible experience for investors and business people worldwide.

Access to markets

With its ideal geographical position at the crossroads of three continents – Europe, Africa and Asia, Cyprus is an ideal investment gateway to the European Union, as well as a portal for investment outside the EU, particularly into the Middle East, India and China.

  • A robust and modernized business hub with easy access to a market of 500 million EU citizens
  • A reliable partner within the European Union that can offer competitive benefits and solid business solutions
  • Companies in Cyprus have full access to European markets and EU trade agreements
  • Part of the European Single Market; enjoying free movement of goods, services and capital
  • More than 40 European Union trade agreements
  • More than 120 double tax treaties

Attractive tax system

Corporate Tax

  • 12,5% corporate tax rate
  • EU & OECD Compliant / Access to EU directives
  • Dividend participation exemption
  • No tax on profits from disposal of securities
  • No withholding taxes
  • No tax on capital gains under conditions
  • Notional Interest Deduction (NID) on investment in Cypriot companies
  • Attractive IP Regime

Low cost of doing business

Labor costs:

  • Lower costs for technical and professional talents than in other major EU capitals
  • Average hourly rate: €15.8
  • UK (€26.7) Germany (€33.0) the Netherlands (€33.3)
  • Low non-wage employment costs: 17%, EU (26%)

Office space and business support:

  • Among the lowest office rental rates in Europe
  • Highly affordable critical business support services

Excellent regulatory structure

  • The legal system is closely aligned to the English common law legal system
  • Frequently updated to meet investors’ changing needs
  • Strong protection for investment & intellectual property (IP)
  • Setup and filing:
  • Establishing a business is simple and fast
  • Simplest filing requirements for companies in the EU

 Access to talent

Local talent

  • The youngest population & workforce in the EU
  • 55% of the workforce has a tertiary degree
  • Many Cypriots study abroad, mainly in UK, USA & Europe
  • Booming private education sector
  • 3 public & 5 private universities

Visa-free access to European talent

  • 240 million people of workforce in the EU
  • 7 million European university graduates per year

        Access to global talent

        English language

  • Businesses in Cyprus operate in English – the official language of Cyprus since 1960
  • 73% of Cypriots speak English
  • A wide range of other functions can all be conducted in English
  • Many university programmes in Cyprus are taught in English and are recognised in most countries

Strong business support services

  • Wide range of services make starting & running a business easy
  • More than 700 registered accounting firms including all major global firms
  • More than 2,700 registered lawyers and 160 law firms
  • A range of serviced offices & co-working spaces
  • High availability of modern and affordable office space in all cities

High Quality of Life

  • One of the best climates worldwide
  • Top 5 safest country in the world (Value Penguin 2015)
  • Top 4 best retirement destination globally (Knight Frank 2016)
  • Most blue flag beaches per capita in the EU (Eurostat)
  • Bathing water quality ranked “excellent” (EEA Report 2016)
  • Cypriot citizens enjoy visa-free/visa-on-arrival access to 158 countries
  • Freedom to move reside and work freely within the EU
  • Best island economy 2017/2018 lifestyle & human capital (fDi magazine)

Positive economic outlook

Positive growth recorded

  • Cypriot economy expanded faster than EU average in 2016 (2.8%)
  • 11 consecutive quarters in positive territory
  • Growth of 3.8% in Q3 2017
  • Consecutive upgrades by Credit Rating Agencies
  • Successful return to capital markets at the lowest rates ever (June 2017)
  • Growth rates expected to reach 3.5% in 2017 – 50% higher than EU average (EU Commission, Autumn Report 2017)

Strong growth prospects

  • Growth forecasted to remain robust over 2018 and 2019 (EU Commission, 2017)
  • Unemployment expected to be further reduced from 11% to 9.3% by 2019
  • GDP growth of around 3+% expected to continue (Moody’s 2017, Standard & Poors, 2017)