George C. Stylianou

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Our firm’s structure combines a higher degree of specialization generated by departmental divisions with the efficiency of a flexible and permeable organization. These two factors, coupled with the team spirit of our firm’s team members, allow us to respond to our clients’ broad range of needs in a fast, dynamic and efficient manner.

We take pride in the personal relationships we have developed with many of our clients. We believe there are multiple facets to the role of the lawyer and, by developing them, we aim to carry the norms of the legal profession to the highest levels. Our clients look to us for our leadership, creativity, innovation and commitment.

The Law Firm of George C. Stylianou   works closely with and acts as a counsel to many international law firms and clients. This has been useful to us in devising creative and innovative legal means to meet the needs of our international clients in areas where the Cyprus legal system and practice have proven to be insufficiently developed.

The Law Firm of George C. Stylianou    is one of the premier law firms based in Cyprus and has enjoyed considerable success and developed an enviable reputation by pursuing  to give its clients unambiguous, concise and clear-cut legal advice in employment and immigration services and consultants for more than 30 years to help people in Cyprus with a broad array of issues pertaining to immigration. We routinely assist with applying  for and obtaining  Cyprus Citizenship , permanent  or temporary resident in Cyprus,  as non-Cyprus citizens, for  investors, entrepreneurs, employees and visitors in Cyprus and consulting for planning, formation and management the   International Business Companies in Cyprus. We pride to provide full range of professional services and consultancies needed by International Business Companies, the international investor/ entrepreneurs   and globally operating business, which includes:

  • Assistance for granting the entrance permit (visa) as visitor or employee to non-Cyprus citizens, for  investors, entrepreneurs, employees and visitors  to be able to come and visit Cyprus .
  • Assistance for  opening  an personal account in a Cyprus Bank .
  • Assistance for granting the temporary resident permit to stay as visitor or employee in Cyprus to non-Cyprus citizens, for  investors, entrepreneurs, employees and visitors for yearly permit to be able to stay or live in Cyprus and to recognize the Cyprus financial and social environment.
  • Legal advice for Commercial and Corporate Law, Criminal Law, Family Law , Human Rights Law ,Intellectual Property Law, Employment  Law, Land Law, Acquisition of Immovable Property , Taxation Law in Cyprus, International Tax Planning, Contract Law, Litigation & Arbitration , Dispute Resolution, Shipping, Personal Injury and Accident Claims.
  • Provide services  for granting the Cypriot Citizenship to Foreign Investors  by The Cyprus Investment Program.
  • Drafting and assisting with the preparation and submission of all required documents (e.g. citizenship applications, applications for immigration permits, permanent residence permits, employment permits, visas etc.)

If your excellency involve   in the immigration and employment services  and you are interesting for cooperation with us for more information or for providing ours services to you ,  as non-Cyprus citizens    investors, entrepreneurs, employees and visitors in Cyprus and you  are interesting for the issue or to apply for Residence Permit in Cyprus, please don’t hesitant to contact us .

Thank you in advance for your cooperation

George Stylianou