About us

George C. Stylianou Law Office is a legal advisory firm based in Cyprus and it is considered as a leading legal advisory firm for services to obtain Cypriot Citizenship or temporary/permanent residency in Cyprus . The main activity of the Law-firm is the provision of migration, corporate, business and administrative services as well as consultancy tailored to the specific needs of international business companies in Cyprus.

With the qualification and the experience of more than 35 years, we are well positioned to offer high level of services and consultancy in the legal and corporate spheres and are particularly geared to the global markets.

Our standards of service are based on the market demands imposed by the globalization and the imminent growth of competitiveness within the trading and financial services industry. Therefore, our focus and primary vision is to provide a high quality personalized efficient service to our clients.

Our Firm

Mr George C. Stylianou as the founder of the firm, has enjoyed considerable success and developed an enviable reputation by following the premise of offering his clientele an unambiguous, concise and clear-cut legal advice in migration and business services.

Since 1996 our firm is assisting in obtaining Cypriot citizenship for non-Cypriot citizens, as investors, entrepreneurs, employees, and visitors in Cyprus. Furthermore, our firm is offering a counsel in the planning, formation as well as in the management of an International Business Company in Cyprus.

We pride ourselves in providing full range of professional services and consultancies needed by International Business Companies, international investors/ entrepreneurs and globally operating business.

The opening of the national market and the road now marked towards an integration of European legal systems, requires legal firms to initiate transactional collaborations, to better support the needs of European  customers and at the same time allow foreigners wishing to visit in order to stay or  invest or employ  in Cyprus to obtain  legal advice to their needs.

Our Philosophy

The direct collaboration between professionals of different nationalities and experiences, allows to better meet the needs of foreign customers; the direct management of the task by the chosen professional consolidates the trust and personal relationship between lawyer and client.

Our Mission

The firm’s mission is to lead our customers to excellence and success by providing them with assistance and consultant, in all aspects of immigration matters through prompt and high quality professional services, delivered with competence and integrity.

Our Aims

We pride ourselves on being able to provide high quality, efficient and personal service in the strictest confidence.

Our firm’s fundamental aims are:

  • To provide integrated solutions by offering in-house diversified and extensive range of high-quality services needed by the international customer to compete more effectively in today’s rapidly changing business environment.
  • To understand customers’ business needs and offer the best suited solutions promptly and speedily.
  • Closely follow the international developments and changing tax environment, to provide high quality tax advisory services.
  • To foster good relations and built-up trust with our clients, offering them personalized services.

Our Services

George C.  Stylianou Law Office has a leading immigration team with a long record of successfully dealing, with all matters relating to migration law, citizenship applications (both through the economic citizenship program and the conventional route), applications for migration permits, permanent residence permits, employment permits and visas. 
Our immigration team advises both individuals and corporate clients.
In addition, we provide an integrated service, optimising tax and other benefits in conjunction with the clients’ advisers in their country of origin and anywhere else they may have financial interests.

George C. Stylianou Law Office’s team are highly experienced professionals that can assist foreigners in Cyprus, with all aspects of migration matters, including amongst others, in the following areas:

  • Assisting for Granting of the Cypriot Citizenship to Foreign Investors by applying for the acquisition of Cyprus Citizenship by Naturalization ,
  • Drafting and assisting with the preparation and submission of all required documents (e.g. citizenship applications, applications for immigration permits, permanent residence permits, employment permits, visas etc.),
  • Advice our clients on the required financial criteria and conditions to be met depending on the particular personal circumstances ,
  • Provide guidance and help on the application process and on the required steps to be followed,
  • Examine the chosen investment option of the applicant in order to establish the most effective and efficient way to meet the required financial criteria,
  • Find the right property matching the criteria of the applicant via our network of reputable licensed real estate agents,
  • Monitoring the status of the applications and continuous follow up,
  • Regular update of the applicant on the progress of the application,
  • Management of  IBCs (International Business Companies) by:
    • Corporate and Legal services,
    • Opening and operating of bank accounts and bank intermediaries,
    • Preparation of minutes and contracts,
    • Submission of annual return & maintenance of registers,
    • Assistance in real estate and setting up corporate offices in Cyprus,
    • Company Formation in Cyprus and other Jurisdictions
    • Company Management,
    • Continuous update and provision of information regarding changes in the legislation and news related to International Business Companies in Cyprus,
    • Provision of Registered Address and Virtual Office,
    • Ship Registration under Cyprus Flag,
    • Trademark Registration and
    • Any other services required.
    • Formation of Captive Insurance Companies,
    • Issuance of legal and corporate documentation
    • Name Searches and Reservations,
    • Provision of Corporate Secretary,
    • Provision of Corporate and Legalization services,
    • Provision of “in-house” legal services,

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George C. Stylianou